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Dancing With The Stars Season 10 Week 2

April 3, 2010

The meltdowns have started early this year, or the producers needed a ratings bump, as there were bust-ups of varying degrees in almost all the VTs.
Shannen and Mark – The jive didn’t suit her, she couldn’t keep up, and there was a lack of energy in all her movements. Plus the costume was just odd.

Aiden and Edyta – I feel bad for the poor guy, he looks terrified, mostly of Edyta. Needs to work on finishing lines but in fairness to Edyta, he had good feet. The routine wasn’t exactly inspired, but he got through it.

Evan and Anna – He is really showing his potential, he was confident and at ease. There was much better projection to the audience, but his feet did need work. Also, I’m with Len on all the flashy stuff – he didn’t need it.

Niecy and Louis – A good week for these two, proving some couples can get along. Good characterisation from her, the frame was a bit loose at times, and she probably needs to stop singing all through the dance but a good effort.

Jake and Chelsie – Either his shoulders were really up, or his jacket was not fitted properly, but it made him look very awkward. Not enough energy or sharpness, but basic steps were there.

Buzz and Ashly – Better than the latin, but a lot of walking around Ashly. I can’t really remember anything else about it.

Nicole and Derek – Bad song choice, and even stranger choreography by Derek. Lots of it didn’t look like a jive, but her footwork did seem good and she’s sharp. How bad are the rest of this year’s celebs, if she comes across as strangely likeable? At least we didn’t have to put up with the grinning boyfriend in the audience this week.

Erin and Maks – I thought their fight did them some good, unlike most of the couples, Maks needs a partner who pushes back. She has grace, and good lines. She’s also confident, and if she cleans up the footwork could be very good.

Pam and Damien – Much calmer this week. They need to focus on more content and less fluff but not terrible.

Chad and Cheryl – He came over a lot better than a lot of people this week in his VT, but that wasn’t terribly hard. Needs to work on his arms and posture before he does another ballroom. There were a couple of errors, but nothing catastrophic, and he looked a little more at ease. Len was harsh.

Kate and Tony – Wow. If she can make Tony quit, how evil is she?! I understand that teaching styles and learning styles can conflict, but she didn’t seem to give Tony a chance, and he’s about the most easy-going pro on the show. She was awful this week, she had no confidence in what she was doing, which won’t have helped with the nerves. Bruno says she needs acting lessons, but I think she’s enough of a drama queen and needs to concentrate on the basics and technique, not more performance.

The pro dance in the results show was fabulous, and was helped in that direction by the appearance of Maks’s chest, but I always feel better when I’ve watched Maks and Cheryl dance, and in fact all the dancers looked good. I enjoyed seeing Anna with Derek as well, very different to watching her dance with Jonathan:

And then we said goodbye to Shannen and Mark. I feel bad for Shannen, as she was far from the worst, and she wasn’t even the least likeable celeb.

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