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Dancing With The Stars Season 10 Week 1

March 27, 2010

Oh, trashy Friday night TV, I have missed you! Nothing sets me up for the weekend like a couple of hours of complete escapism, and for the last three months, I’ve had to do without. But now, DWTS is back, and so life can return to normal.

There’s a bit of a change to the show this time round – less couples, new co-host and some changes to the set – no longer will the couples return back stage after they have danced, now they are put in a big glass room just behind the audience, so they can be seen all the time. It’s a bit odd. We also have new graphics for the judges scores, which I don’t think really add anything.

On to the dancers.

First up were Cheryl and Chad, with the cha-cha. Apparently Chad likes to dance after he has done something good in his football games (I know nothing about NFL, so I’m not even going to try to sound like I know), but then he gets fined a lot, so he’s doing the show to allow his to have fun. Or something. Anyway, he doesn’t like it if Cheryl says he’s doing well when he isn’t, which is great, because Cheryl immediately tells him he sucks, and should do it again. Overall I thought he came across well in the VT, he comes somewhere between Warren and Jason on my football player scale for now. The dance was ok for the opening number. It was a little hesitant in places, but Chad generally had good rhythm, and didn’t forget what he was doing. Good start overall.

Next out, Shannen and Mark. Shannen is very nervous about performing live, and is threatening to break out in hives, which would look lovely on TV! She’s a bit gangly in training. They are dancing the Viennese Waltz, which is never fantastic on DWTS, and her dress is a bit witchy, which is a little distracting. She messes up a few times, probably due to nerves, and she needs to get her arms under control, but she did better than I thought she might.

Now for my highlight of the night, Maks and Erin. They start off well when she tells him she had asked for Tony, which really sets the tone for them as a couple, and it’s clear they’ve hit it off. She seems capable and quick at picking up the steps, so they could turn out well. She looks fantastic in the cha-cha dress, and her legs seem to be about 6 feet long, they look like they are having a lot of fun, and she’s keeping up with Maks. Best of the three dances so far.

Jake and Chelsie are next, and about 2 minutes into the VT I am sick of the rose overload. He does nothing to really distract me from this, as he seems to have the charisma of a door panel, and then they continue the rose theme into the dance. The VW can be sickly sweet at the best of times, and this is right up there in ‘sugar’ terms. He seems stiff and a lot of the time poor Chelsie is pushing him around quite hard. Not impressive.

Niecy and Louis are a start contrast to Jake and Chelsie. She’s never going to be described as dull, but is also not at all irritating. She seems to be picking up the dance ok, but the actual performance could have been better. She looked the part, and most of the time, she had the character, but it was a little slow. There was a lack of hip action, which I think was because she was placing her feet too precisely, and not really getting into the dance floor, but overall not bad.

Next, we have Evan and Anna, my early tip for the win. He has very strange hair, which seems unreal. He moves just as well as I expected, and Anna seems to have caught a break here. Their VW is good, but it’s a good style for him anyway, and Anna has worked with his strengths. His arms are fantastic, and he finishes every line but, as the judges note, he needs to remember his feet and finish those lines too. If he can bring a bit of personality, then he’s still my tip for now.

Our first real stunt casting sees Buzz Aldrin take to the floor next with Ashly. It’s about what I expected, and he doesn’t really dance so much as step around with his hand on his hip. There’s no actual cha-cha in any of what he does, but he looked to be having fun.

Nicole and Derek follow, and much is made of the fact that she doesn’t do this kind of dancing, so she isn’t a ringer. No, really. She’s not. Their VW looks wonderful, but it’s a lot of showy stuff, and it looked to me more like a Dmitry dance than a Derek one. There’s no footwork to speak of, but it get s a lot of marks from Carrie-Anne and Bruno, despite Len being correct in the points he made. I think she’s going to be this year’s Mya.

Next we have Aiden and Edyta, and I’m already worried, as Edyta seems to be wearing a coat, which is never a good sign. Anyway. Aiden. Wow, I got so distracted, he is just lovely. Sadly, though, Edyta has gone straight for gimmicks, and doesn’t really give him a chance to show what he could do. The coat was exactly what I expected, and gets pulled off to show one of her typical non-existent costumes, and the dance is too much about her, plus there’s a knee slide! Overall Aiden was a bit hesitant, and didn’t really get the fun element, but he did what he was given. Len hated it, which was a given, but I hope they do a proper dance next week, as I’d really like him to stay around for a few weeks.

Kate and Tony follow, and I am fascinated by her attempts to move parts of her face. They are completely frozen. Also, she appears to be a different person to the one in the clips. That’s some serious makeover. Tony is as lovely as ever. She is very nervous in the dance, and makes a few mistakes but it wasn’t terrible. She needs to stop counting in her head and feel the music, which will help it flow more.

And so, to our final couple, Pamela and Damien. Damien is lovely, but Pamela appears to be completely insane. She doesn’t really seem to be picking up the dance that well, which may be due to her having the attention span of a four-year old. When they take to the floor, she certainly looks the part, but it’s clear that her hair did far more dancing that she did. There was a lot of hair being flung about, but not an awful lot of cha-cha. Still, it was fun to watch!

I have no idea what they dance next week, as I am trying to stay away from all the US sources, so I don’t get any spoilers!

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