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Bringing Back The Sparkles

February 24, 2010

Winter must be almost over, surely? There are signs that it is in the death throes, mainly because the cast for the new season of Dancing With The Stars has been confirmed and will be announced shortly, ready for the season premier on March 22nd. A new season of sequins, glitter and lycra always cheers me up no end!

There are a few changes in store for the new season. Samantha Harris will no longer be the co-host, to the relief of many. She is about as well-liked as Tess is on Strictly, although I don’t understand the hate for either of them. This time around, Samantha is being replaced by Brooke Burke, who won a couple of seasons ago with Derek Hough.

Brooke has experience as a presenter, and was pretty well liked when she was a contestant, so she should get a fair chance in the new role. I would also have been happy with Melissa Rycroft, runner-up last Spring, who was rumoured to have been considered, or even with Drew Lachey, an early winner with Cheryl Burke, who stood in when Samantha was on maternity leave.

Another big change is that the number of couples taking part has been cut back to twelve. This is mainly because the show lost a ton of viewers last time out, and it’s thought that this was because there were too many contestants. I think the increasing number of gimmicks they have brought in and the ridiculously long result show might have something to do with it too, but no-one asked me! So, 12 couples means cutting down to six male and six female professionals. Some have already confirmed they will not take part, such as Dmitry, Jonathan and Lacey. There’s also a rumour Kym won’t defend her title. So far, Chelsie and Cheryl have confirmed they will take part and Derek and Maks have hinted heavily that they will. Tony Dovolani posted recently that he was about to leave his family for three months, which would fit with the schedule, so I hope he is in, too. Louis, apparently, is still waiting for his potential celeb to sign the contract!

I’d like Derek to be there, but the most important ones for me are Maks and Cheryl. I just hope, given that there are less celebs this time, that they give my favourite professionals two people with some potential!

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