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True Blood Season 2 Coming This Month

February 6, 2010

For those of us in the UK, this is fabulous news. FX start showing Season 2 of True Blood on February 26th at 10pm. They have a lovely trailer video on the site, which features a nice amount of Eric.

If you are a patient person, ie not me, then you’ve probably been  counting down the days for this. I have to say that this season is quite a departure from the books, unlike Season 1, but it still has all the key True Blood ingredients – lots of sex, death and Eric.

If you are not a patient person, you may well have watched this already (that would be me), but I’ll definitely be watching again in preparation for Season 3, when all the attention will be on this man:

Joe Manganiello (via

Can Joe Maganiello make the role of Alcide his own? I have no idea, because apparently he used to be in One Tree Hill and I have never seen it! And do you make of the actress who will play crazy Debbie?

Brit Morgan via

Brit Morgan (via

I have never seen or heard of her before, my only concern with this role is her hair. I have a very definite picture in my head of how her hair looks, given that Sookie describes it so vividly in the books, and I just hope that they come up with something close to it!

In the meantime, I have a gratuitous Eric picture:

Eric. Yum.

And if you are still suffering from lack of vamp action, try The Vampire Diaries, which started on ITV2 this week. It didn’t get fantastic previews in the papers, but I am enjoying it now. I would say, though, that it took me about 6 episodes to really get into it, so I would recommend giving it a few weeks.

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