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The Strictly 7 Curse

November 27, 2009

Is this series of Strictly Come Dancing cursed? It’s certainly a possibility, as the show has been plagued by events outside of the producers’ immediate control:

  • Phil Tufnell’s injured knee
  • Ali’s stubbed toe
  • Jade’s torn ligament
  • Laila’s twisted ankle
  • Ali’s bruised foot
  • and now, Ricky Whittle has been arrested in Liverpool, and is still in custody, after an incident involving a paparazzi and a car.

There have also been issues which have detracted from the show, but were to some degree within the producers’ control, such as the Arlene/Alesha row, the scheduling row, the Laila/Anton row and the whole Craig Kelly Blackpool thing, plus a couple of their headline names turning out to be less capable than expected. In most of these situations, I feel sorry for the producers, because they are constantly being put in no-win situations, usually by the Daily Fail and the Murdoch papers, who want to paint the show in as bad a light as possible, but in some cases the production team have been slow to react, and seem to have resorted to burying their heads in the sand.

Anyway, hopefully we will have a show tomorrow night, and hopefully we’ll see all five remaining dancers perform. Ali is off her crutches and training again, so the midweek hysterics about what to do if she couldn’t dance would seem to have been resolved. As long as she appears on stage, the judges will make bagfuls of allowances for her, so she should be ok. The new dances for this week are Charleston and Rock and Roll, with Ali, Laila and Chris dancing Charleston and Ricky and Natalie C dancing Rock and Roll. There will also be a competitive Viennese Waltz, where all five couples will take the floor at the same time, in an unchoreographed dance. The couples will be judged against each other for additional points, although it has not yet been confirmed exactly how the scores will work.

This will be a tough test for Ricky and Chris, as the males are expected to lead, and will be required to avoid collisions with the other couples, whilst still allowing the judges to see enough of their dance to be impressed. Now, Chris let slip on It Takes Two last night that he had been leading in their VW last week, as he got a bit carried away and threw in a few more pivots, so this may be a good indicator. Fingers crossed!

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