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Heading For The Final Furlong

November 8, 2009

Dancing With The Stars is down to the final five contestants, after this week’s double elimination. All the remaining contestants can dance, so there is no clear back marker.

Kelly Osbourne has a lot of public support, and the judges think she is technically very good, but she does not have the grace or Mya or Joanna. She has the jive and the foxtrot this week, and I’m not convinced that either of them play to her strengths. The foxtrot will probably be better than the jive overall.

Aaron Carter has found his perfect dance in the jive, it allows him to move naturally, and the ‘spiky’ appearance that is the result suits the dance. This week he has the samba and foxtrot. The foxtrot will likely be stronger, and will probably be better than Kelly’s but I would not be surprised to see them in the bottom two again – he does not appear to have any support, which is a little strange.

Joanna Krupa has really raised her game in the last few weeks, and has given some good performances. This week she has the quickstep and a ‘futuristic’ paso (I have no idea), the quickstep I would expect to be fantastic, but I also think that she can probably pull off a really good paso, as she’s very good at showing the character of the dance, and she will no doubt look the part.

Mya has the quickstep and a ’70s’ style samba (I presume that Aaron’s samba will also have that look, but I don’t know for definite). The quickstep should suit, but she will be directly compared to Joanna, and if Joanna has more content and still puts in a good performance, she may not look so good. I think generally that Dmitry has sacrificed Len’s score for public votes, which looks to have worked so far, but now that there are no no-hopers to skew the voting, it may backfire on them. I think there is a chance she could be in the bottom two with Aaron this week.

Donny is still the front runner to win this show in my opinion. He has the waltz, which is always a crowd pleaser, and the paso (presumably a futuristic one), which should be good for his showman side. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good he has been overall, and also liking the fact that we are not subjected to mutiple Osmonds and/or a huge drama every week (yes, Marie, I do mean you). I suspect that he would still be in even if he were not very good, but I do think that he is still there on merit at the moment. Two full dances will be a test for him, though.

My predictions before the show started, as it turns out, were pretty much rubbish, and I’m blaming you, Chuck Liddell. You should have been so much better! I am also still very sad that we’ve lost the lovely Natalie and Alec, as I think they were a match for any of the couples left in. The way it stands at the moment, I think that the glitterball is Donny’s to lose, and the real battle is probably between Joanna and Mya for second place. As much as I love Dmitry, I’d pick Joanna, she has done far better than I expected before the show started, but as I said, my predictions for both this and Strictly have been shocking this year, so I am clearly not the right person to listen to!

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  1. Lanna permalink
    November 9, 2009 1:14 am

    I’m just not really sure what having a soft porn star as winner of this contest will tell all the young ladies in the audience?

    • November 9, 2009 7:39 am

      Well, that doesn’t particularly bother me – if the producers didn’t want her to win, they should not have asked her to do it in the first place.
      You don’t have to tell anyone she’s done Playboy – I presume this is Joanna you are talking about – she’s done plenty of other things, so it really doesn’t need to come up, does it?

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