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It’s All Smoke And Mirrors

October 13, 2009

The saga of next year’s British Grand Prix shows little sign of ending any time soon. Much was made yesterday of reports that Donington developer Simon Gillett had been given another two weeks to come up with some sign that he had any of the money needed to complete the redevelopment of the track and stage the race. This was about the fourth or fifth extension he’d been granted. There have been so many I have lost count.

Today, it is reported that Bernie has not given another extension, he has told the Donington group they are in breach of their contract, and have two weeks to rectify the situation.

About the only thing the two parties agree on is that something will happen in two weeks. Based on the last few months, Donington are probably banking on Bernie handing them another extension, but Silverstone, the only alternative, have made it clear that they want a multi-year contract, and a decision soon. This is because they also need to upgrade various facilities at the circuit, and if Bernie stalls for much longer, there won’t be time.

I still suspect that in two weeks, we will be no closer to knowing what’s going on.

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