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Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

October 10, 2009

There were three big battles taking place on tonight’s show: Ali v Ricky in the Salsa, Zoe v Laila in the Foxtrot and Joe v Jo for the bottom of the leader board.

In the end, Laila beat Zoe by one point. I’m not entirely sure there was anything to choose between them, but I’m also not surprised that they were given a bit of a safety cushion. In the salsa, however, Ali managed to convincingly match Ricky, with both of them scoring 32. For me, neither of them did as well as they could have, Ali looked a little uncomfortable, as though the very complicated choreography was meaning she had to think rather than enjoy, whilst Ricky went the other way, and was a bit lacking in content. He and Natalie seemed to blame this on his heavy schedule filming Hollyoaks, but I don’t think that excuse will work for another week.

Jo and Joe tied for last place with the judges, both with 20 points. At this stage, I can’t see any hope for Joe Calzaghe. Signs of improvement are well hidden, if they are there at all, however Jo Wood has improved from week 1, and I think that credit there has to go to Brendan, who has been amazingly patient with her, and is clearly putting in a lot of work for not much reward.

The dance off pair were a little surprising. I thought after last week that Lynda would have been safe, but it was not to be. I was not surprised to see Craig there again, his foxtrot was not good, and his frame was atrocious. I disagreed with the judges’ decision, though, as I thought Lynda was slightly better the second time round, whilst I saw no noticeable improvement from Craig. Still, unless several other people are really bad next week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him there again. The poor guy looks so nervous and uncomfortable, it’s hard to believe him when he says he’s enjoying himself. Also, I don’t think he was helped tonight by the fact that Flavia’s dress was hideous. It just looked wrong, and didn’t bring any glamour to the performance, for me.

Next week we have the Jive and the Viennese Waltz. Ideally, all those who had foxtrot tonight will get the jive, and vice versa. I suspect there will be some tweaking by the producers though. I think Zoe will have to get the Jive, as she hasn’t done a fast dance so far. Laila should also be doing the jive, but might get away with the VW, Joe and Jo should both get the Jive, which conjures up pictures so awful I am going to have to go and drink a lot.

We’ll find out for definite by Wednesday what each couple is doing, but bear in mind it could be worse. On Dancing With The Stars this week, they have the Lambada, the Texas Two Step, the Charleston and the Bolero. The mind boggles. And that’s before I start drinking!

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