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Strictly Week 2 Latin Night

September 26, 2009

Our celebs were back on the dance floor for their latin round, followed by the elimination. Overall, the standard was better than I expected.

Phil and Katya’s cha-cha was cheeky and fun, as a cha-cha should be. I am still impressed with the work Phil seems to have put in, I just hope he can keep it up.

Craig and Flavia’s rumba was ok, but Craig has got to get his nerves under control. He showed it far more than any of the other guys, and I think that was why the dance didn’t work as well as it could, but he still did ok.

Laila and Anton’s cha-cha was a bit flat for me, but I can’t really say why. I think I don’t really believe in them as a partnership, and I was expecting more ‘flash’ from her.

Zoe and James’ rumba was outstanding, I really enjoyed it. I thought it had quite a bit in common with the one he did with Cherie last year, but it suited Zoe really well, and I disagreed with Len about it being too sexy.

Jo and Brendan’s rumba was much better than I thought it would be. It wasn’t brilliant, but I expected it to be awful, so I was pleasantly surprised. Good for Brendan for answering Craig back, too, as I thought he was overly negative to Jo.

Richard and Lilia’s cha-cha should have been a bit of light relief after that, but sadly the singers decided to murder ‘I’m Your Man’, which pretty much ruined the dance for me. Richard gave it a good go, but it was never really up to much.

Ricky and Natalie’s rumba was just amazing. It was easily the best rumba from a male celeb I’ve seen, and considering it was his first week, I thought it was unbelievable. Natalie has really done a good job with him, and it’s clear he’s putting the work in too, especially as he’s still filming Hollyoaks.

Natalie and Vincent’s cha-cha was a good effort, but I think it suffered from coming after Ricky. It was better than I expected from her, and I was impressed by how much she danced on her own, but it felt a bit behind the music to me.

The pro dances this week were a paso, and a quickstep, as this is what the celebs will dance next week. I love the paso, it’s one of my favourite dances, and this was a fantastic demo, but the quickstep was out of this world. It was one of the best pro dances I have seen on Strictly for a while. I also loved Brian and Kristina’s dance to Jamie Cullum.

I picked the two who would be in the dance off, as I think Richard suffered from not being very good, whilst also not having a ready-made fan base, and Craig got caught by the middle-table curse. I absolutely think he was the right choice to go through, and I’m not sure what Len was thinking when he said he would pick Richard. Overall the right choice was made, Richard was the weakest dancer of the group.

Roll on next Saturday, with the quickstep and paso, and don’t forget It Takes Two on Monday at 6.30.

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