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I Do Solemnly Swear

September 19, 2009

That I will avoid all message boards for the duration of Strictly Come Dancing.

Predictably there is much moaning about tonight’s result, and it’s already getting on my nerves. Yes, Martina was not the worst dancer, and going solely on ability she should probably not have been in the dance off, but as soon as she danced again, it was clear she knew she was going, and she was not giving it her best effort. I had high hopes for her, but having seen her dance, she reminded me of Christine last year, she was a bit floppy, and I don’t think she would have got much further anyway. I am disappointed, of course, as I am a huge Matthew fan, but he will still be in the pro dances, and hopefully they will use him a lot on It Takes Two.

I was very impressed with Ali and Brian again, Chris and Ola were surprisingly good, as I had really low expectations for him, but Ricky and Erin’s cha cha, for me, was what the show should be about at the start. Erin did an amazing job with that routine, and Ricky pulled it off with style. It was obvious that he was enjoying himself, and he did the best he could. The difference for me between what they did, and the John Sargeant thing last year, is that Ricky was trying, where I didn’t ever feel that John was.

The big disappointment for me has been Joe Calzaghe, but I expect him to stick around for a few more weeks, as he has two big points in his favour – the Welsh vote, and the Kristina vote, which I think will carry him for a while. Hopefully he will find some ability.

It Takes Two is back at 6.30pm on Monday, on BBC2 with the lovely Claudia, and attention will switch to the remaining 8 contestants. Early favourite there is Ricky Whittle, with Phil Tufnell looking to get the comedy votes.

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