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It’s The Final Countdown!

September 18, 2009

In two hours, the new series of Strictly Come Dancing starts, and I am already excited. I have my sparkly girly drinks ready , and the phone is charged for the all important discussion. We know who’s dancing tonight, and this is the first chance, after weeks of speculation and gossip, to see who really has potential.

This was always going to be a controversial series, after the decision to replace Arlene with Alesha, and I expect that many of tomorrow’s papers have already written their pieces outlining how this was a bad choice on the BBC’s part, however I have no intention of rushing to judgement. Alesha was one of my favourite celebs, not only because she was dancing with Matthew, but because she always appeared so happy to be involved. Plus, who doesn’t get a shiver when they hear the opening bars of this:

We’ve got three new dancers to get to know, plus the new celebs, and a second helping of loveliness tomorrow, when Strictly goes up against The X Factor, another risky decision by the BBC. Doesn’t affect me, as I don’t watch it, but I do think that much of what’s been written has gone OTT – the X Factor are still on pre-recorded shows, and last year, the start times for Strictly were a little early, especially if you had to work on a Saturday. Anyway, we shall see if the risk pays off. And if you haven’t entered the draw for tickets to the Blackpool show, you can do so here.

Monday will see the return of It Takes Two, with Claudia Winkleman, on BBC2 at 6.30pm, and is also the start of Dancing With The Stars over in the US. Currently, Watch plan to show this on Mondays, which is a shame, as it means waiting a week from the original airing, and there’s no way I will avoid spoilers for that long. Plus, it’s so long, I struggle to stay up, especially on a ‘school’ night! I have some faint hope that they will go back to Fridays after the first two weeks, when they would not be up against the Strictly show, but we shall have to see.

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