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First Night, First Thoughts

September 18, 2009

I am happy. For a first week, the overall standard was pretty good, although that may have been because there was no latin. I was a little surprised at the final standings, as they were not what I expected pre-show.

Opening pro dance – showed just what we’ve been missing for 9 months. The new girls seem to have fitted in ok, and the returning dancers have lost none of their magic.

Rav and Aliona – suffered from going first. He looked nervous, and they did a lift – no excuses, it was a lift. Looking at the scores after everyone danced, they deserved to be higher, but this always happens to the first couple. Score 19/40

Ricky and Erin – lacking in any kind of wow. He was not terrible, I think he would have been better if he was, it was just bland, which won’t help at all. Not sure how he managed to outscore Rav. Score 21/40

Chris and Ola – way better than I expected. Seems to have borrowed Tom’s face, which is never a good idea, but provided he doesn’t do it again, I’ll let it go. Quite impressed, and surprised, as I didn’t expect much. Score 26/40

Jade and Ian – undecided on this one. Ian’s been very upbeat, but she was hesitant. The judges were very positive, so maybe they saw something I didn’t. Score 25/40

Martina and Matthew – the one I have been waiting for. Best dress so far, and she’s a lot more elegant than I was expecting. For a first performance from a sports person, this is a decent effort. Judges can’t agree if she’s too tight or too loose, and are a bit harsh, really. Score 22/40

Lynda and Darren – knew it was going to be bad when I wondered why they were dancing to Vanilla Ice. She’s not a John Sargeant, she’s more a Gillian Taylforth, and I don’t think the dance suited her. How she managed to end up above Rav is a mystery. Score 21/40

Ali and Brian – fantastic dress, she looks gorgeous, and much less nervous than many. I am really impressed by this – Brian has put in loads of work drumming up support on Twitter, and he’s clearly done the work with Ali too. By far the best dance of the night. Score 30/40

Joe and Kristina – obviously the producers saving the big name for last, sadly what a let down. Much was made in the training VT of how he needed to be soft instead of aggressive, but this was such a marshmallow of a tango, it was unbelievable. I didn’t see much in the way of chemistry either. Never expected him to be outperformed by Chris and Ola. Score 16/40

Group dance – Natalie Cassidy was better than I expected, but whoever made her wear that red dress was just evil. Ricky lived up to the hype and I was quite impressed with Zoe too. Richard was lost, Tuffers wasn’t really trying. Jo seemed a bit mystified as to what was going on. Craig and Laila were ok, but didn’t really stand out.

Tomorrow night, bring on the latin! This is where we really have some fun. And then stop, as Tom and Camilla return. But then start again, when the new girls do something fab (hopefully with their partners, as I need more Matthew)!

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