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Dancing with the Stars – Ashley Hamilton

September 17, 2009

Ashley Hamilton is blogging the behind the scenes details of his DWtS journey. There’s not a lot there so far, but there is an interview with his mother, where she admits she may vote for someone else in the first couple of weeks!

When the list of celebs taking part was announced, I was quite ready to put Ash;ey down as the male equivalent of Kim K or Holly Madison, but in every interview I’ve seen since, he has come across really well, and looks to be having a great time. I think he will probably pick up quite a few supporters with the openness he’s shown, plus having the twitter feed and blog can only help.

Tom DeLay continues to be ‘brave’ about his injury, he had a cortisone injection earlier in the week. If he makes it through the first show, he will probably struggle, as he’ll only have a week to learn a new routine.

In Strictly news, studio rehearsals have been under way today, ready for the first live show tomorrow night. Don’t forget!

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