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Felipe Massa’s Guardian interview

September 8, 2009

Injured F1 driver Felipe Massa has given an interview to the Guardian newspaper, and it’s a fantastic read.  He talks about the accident and his recovery, and describes the moment his wife, Rafaela, realised he was going to be alright:

Has he detected even a small change in himself?

“No,” he says defiantly, before laughing. “Not at all. I remember in hospital when I woke up in the beginning. I had an oxygen mask to help me breathe. All the time I was lifting the mask and putting it here …”

Massa points to his head, making a gesture that suggests he turned his oxygen mask into a clown’s hat. He shakes his head, as if he cannot believe how blackly comic the scene must have appeared in that hushed hospital room in Budapest. “And then my wife would come and put the mask back over my face. But, straightaway, I would lift it on to my head. I had some friends with us and they were laughing because she kept trying to put it back over my face. And the third time I did it I looked at her and said, ‘What a pain in the ass!’ Rafaela looked at our friends and said, ‘No, he’s the same! He’s the same!'”

He also talks about how it will be hard to watch the race in Brazil, his feelings on losing the Championship to Lewis Hamilton last year, and Henry Surtees’ tragic accident, plus his feelings about becoming a father:

Beyond his crash, the 28-year‑old is preparing to become a father. “I am very excited. The baby is due just after the middle of November – and we know it is a boy. We will call him Felipe. I don’t think I will ever forget 2009 because of this crash and, more importantly, becoming a father. Positive things come out of even the most difficult times.”

It’s easy to see why Felipe is one of the most popular drivers on the grid, he comes across as an intelligent and

Rob and Felipe

Rob and Felipe

seriously nice guy, and I very much hope he’s recovering well from his most recent surgery, to insert a steel plate into his skull. We need Felipe back on track next season, although it still remains to be seen how Ferrari will solve the problem they are believed to have, with 2 cars and three drivers signed.

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