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Strictly – keeping the papers in business

September 7, 2009

What would the UK papers be doing at the moment, without Strictly Come Dancing? So far, today, I have learnt the following, without even trying:

Phil Tufnell is slacking off in training. Wow. Can that really be called news? Surely it would be news if he was actually putting some effort in?

Brendan Cole makes the headlines again, in a story even less surprising than Phil ‘The Cat’ Tufnell being lazy. It appears he made his partner cry. The Mail helpfully has pictures of this too. I’m pretty sure they pay Brendan’s partners extra, but even if they don’t, surely by now, they should know what to expect?

Ricky Groves gets his sympathy bid in early, in an attempt to defy the bookies and not be among the first to leave. Joe Calzaghe on the other hand is confident in his status as favourite, and has gone on holiday.  Or possibly he’s fed up with stories like this.

Ian is still having fun training with Jade. Nice to hear something positive!

Rumours abound that the first Saturday show (September 18th) will air at 1935. This would make sense, so it’s unlikely to actually happen.

Over in the States, Maks takes his turn in the interview hotseat, which is always guaranteed to be value for money. He doesn’t disappoint, having this to say about Joanna Krupa:


Maks Joanna Krupa said she was glad she wasn’t paired with you because she thought you would butt heads and said you were a little impatient. What do you have to say to that?
She doesn’t even know me. I’m very happy we’re not partners. If she wants to jump on the bandwagon of thinking I’m impatient, that’s fine by me. My focus is Debi. It’s silly of [Joanna] to say that since she’s never said a word to me. … People always think, “Wow, Maks is so mean.” I’m not mean. Yes, I’ll be frustrated, but I know what to get out of this person so we’ll be there Thursday. If I was always nice, pleasant and not educating my partner, then they won’t get out of this show what they themselves want. What happens is people sign up not knowing what exactly they’re signing up for. When they’re freaking out, I go, “Listen, if you do exactly what I say, you’ll be fine.” Sometimes we need to push our partners because that’s what they want us to do. You and Joanna never talked during The Superstars?
No. You know what I did on The Superstars? I would wake up… [and go] out to the event. Kristi [Leskinen, his partner] and I will talk about our strategy and warm up. We’ll do the event and I’ll go back to my room. I went to bed at, like, 6, 7 in the evening. And we won! But I didn’t speak one word to Joanna during the season and I haven’t spoken to her one word since we’ve been here. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m happy we didn’t get partnered up. I wish them a lot of luck.

He also covers being paired with someone you don’t like, contestants with previous dance experience, and who he thinks will do well.

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