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Strictly Training – with added gaffer tape

September 3, 2009

If Jade Johnson makes it to her first dance, it will be a miracle, on the basis of the pictures Ian has been posting.

Jades gaffer tape

Jade's gaffer tape

She’s holding her feet together with gaffer tape. And there’s still two weeks to go before the first show. The ‘before’ picture of the blisters is here and it’s icky. Although Ian has since said that some Compeed patches have helped, so hopefully she won’t need flesh coloured tape for the show!

And, according to the Strictly twitter feed, the 8 celebs not competing in week one will be dancing a mambo, choreographed by Shirley Ballas, which they are training for today. Not a dance we usually see in Strictly, so this should be interesting.

In Dancing with The Stars news, Melissa Joan Hart has moved on to learning the cha-cha after she

did the waltz ystrdy till I passed out.

whilst Louis van Amstel and Kelly are apparently flying to London this weekend.

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