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Wake the Dead Podcasts

August 31, 2009

If you are a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books, and the TV show True Blood, I recommend you check out the excellent Wake The Dead podcasts website. It’s a fan site, run by two American ladies, so if you are watching True Blood in the UK, you might want to restrict yourself to the first 7 episodes, where they cover the first three books, and the first series of the show, plus speculate about what may be in line for series 2.

The ladies are fans of the books, first and foremost, and have interviewed author Charlaine Harris at a book signing in Chicago, which was a fabulous listen for any fans of the books, but they also round up all the gossip about the show, and I will always be grateful to them for linking me to this fan video, which edits various scenes from the show in a way which will delight any Eric fans out there. It doesn’t give anything away, if you are watching in the UK, as it takes scenes out of context to tell a story the fan wants to see, it’s not always telling you what actually happened:

You can also follow them on Twitter, where you’ll get the heads-up on any new items they post and freshly released podcasts.

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