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Strictly and Dancing With The Stars Updates

August 31, 2009

It’s the turn of UFC Champion Chuck Liddell to be interviewed by this week. At first glance, he would appear to be this season’s Ty Murray, as he’s coming to the show from an activity which probably doesn’t share much of a fanbase, but he’s one of my picks to surprise, again like Ty did. In the interview, he talks about painting his toenails, and says

I’m not worried about the costumes. I’m going to laugh at them myself. I’m trying to have fun with it. I am going to try to win, but I don’t want to make it a job. I’m going to go out and have fun.

I thought this was a problem for Ty last year, when he started on the show, he came across as being embarrased by the whole thing, much like Darren Gough did when he started on Strictly. Chuck seems much more open to the experience, he cleary has a sense of humour and does not seem concerned about the reaction of his friends:

They bust my chops for everything! All my friends think it’s funny. But they better freakin’ watch!

He’s dancing the foxtrot and salsa with Anna Trebunskaya to start. Louis van Amstel seemed to be having a few problems – he tweeted

@MissKellyO where r u??????????

on Saturday. He hasn’t posted anything about their training since.

In Strictly news, Ian Waite has posted some pictures of Jade Johnson’s blisters, and tweeted some details of their training. We had the usual round of gossip in the Sunday papers, none of which I shall dignify with a link, as it was largely rehashing the stories from last year, just changing the names. What do the papers do for the other 6 months of the year?

Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, the tickets go on sale for the 2010 Strictly Pro Tour. Flavia and Vincent, James and Ola, Brian and Kristina, Ian and Matthew and their partners, plus yet to be announced special guests, take to theatres around the country to show off some of the pro routines from the show. Will definitely be making time for that!

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