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Dancing With The Stars – Training News

August 27, 2009

Training is well under way for all the couples. I hope they have some reserves ready, as this is about the time the injuries will start!

Louis van Amstel is happily twittering his days, training with Kelly Osbourne, who is apparently also twittering. So far, Louis has spoken about the new camera technology used to film the dancers, and says that their trailer shoot was like filming The Matrix. He also announced

Oh,yeah..i forgot to tell all of you @MissKellyO kicked me in the nuts yesterday.She decided to just pull up her other knee!!!Kinda hurt….

I suspect ‘Poor, poor Louis’ may become a recurring theme…..

Joanna Krupa was interviewed by, and talked about the first two dances she and Derek will be performing

We had the cha-cha-cha, but then they changed it on us to salsa and foxtrot. The foxtrot, we haven’t even gone there. Salsa’s the main dance. The foxtrot is the relay dance, so it’s not going to be the whole minute and a half.

She also talked about how Derek is a much better partner for her than Terrell Owens, who she was paired with on another reality show, Superstars, where she caused a bit of a storm with her language. (Warning: Don’t watch the video if easily offended.) She hopes Dancing will let people see ‘the real’ Joanna. I also found this quote interesting, as it may explain why models have not fared terribly well on the show

[…]in modeling, I pose with my left hip and I always arch because they want that arch in your back. This is like the total opposite, so it’s a shock to my body to get my hip in the right direction and when he says, “Stand straight,” to me, standing straight is arching my back. But he’s like, “No, no.” It’s going to take a lot of getting used to. It’s definitely a challenging, but fun experience.

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