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Strictly Come Dancing First Night Dances

August 26, 2009

A slight change from the last few years here, but for the first week, each of the eight couples taking part will dance either a Waltz or a Tango, then either a Cha-Cha or a Rumba.

The Waltz is often an early dance, but the Tango doesn’t usually appear until a couple of weeks in, and the same with the Latin choices. Rumba and Tango are, in my opinions, seriously good choices for seeing how well the partnerships are working, above the level of learning the dance steps. If a couple is not comfortable with each other, then the Rumba is not going to work, on any level. In addition, the fact that there are two dances to learn for that first week, for me, will show those who truly have the potential to become good dancers, and those who probably won’t.

Dancing on the opening weekend are:

Ali and Brian

Lynda and Darren

Joe and Kristina

Ricky and Erin

Martina and Matthew

Chris and Ola

Jade and Ian

Rav and Aliona

At this point I’d just like to say ‘Thank you’ to the BBC for not making me wait another week to see Matthew dance! I make no apologies for being a huge fan, and I hope Martina can do him justice. I am a little surprised that they are now only 5th favourites with the bookies. I am even more astonished that Phil Tufnell is seen as a more serious contender. The prices have changed since yesterday, presumably on the basis of bets placed, when they were first released, Matthew and Martina were second favourites.

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