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Thank you, Gadgettes, for brightening up my day!

August 24, 2009

The Gadgettes, the podcast which gives a girly slant on all things tech, had me in fits of giggles at work today, reviewing their latest ‘gender gap’ gadget, one of those things that only men would love, and women just don’t get.

How do you fancy a $225,000 bar with built-in seating for your house? Not sold yet? How about if you knew the seats were the ejector seats from an F4 Phantom fighter?

The Phantom Bar, photo courtesy of

The Phantom Bar, photo courtesy of

Oh, and to add insult to the already extortionate cost, the ejector function of the seats has been disabled. My only question about this, really, is why?

Seriously, though, the Gadgettes do offer a slightly different, and very amusing, take on the piles of new consumer electronics constantly being released. If you are like tech podcasts, and want more than just standard news and reviews, give them a go.

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