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European Grand Prix – Valencia Free Practice 1

August 21, 2009
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So, in addition to my addiction to books and ballroom dancing TV shows, I have an ongoing love affair with Formula 1. I blame my dad for this, as I remember watching with him on wet Sunday afternoons when I was little. I have stuck with it,  and whilst I am no expert, I am learning about the sport every year, and last year discovered the fantastic Sidepodcast community and podcasts, which have livened up many a dull day at work.

This weekend sees the circus at Valencia for the second year. Last year’s race here would not be described as exciting by, well, anyone. This year has the potential to be a bit better, if we can just have some overtaking. Of course, we also have two new drivers in for this race, Romain Grosjean for Renault and Luca Badoer for the injured Felipe Massa in the Ferrari, so safety cars are not out of the question.

The first practice session this morning gave some hope that Brawn GP have fixed their recent issues, and will also have given Heikki Kovalienen a boost, given the recent threats to his seat. Of course, the fact that he beat Lewis means he’ll probably get a really heavy car for the rest of the weekend, but I’d love to see the guy do well for once.

Pos Driver        Team                      Time             Laps
 1. Barrichello   Brawn GP-Mercedes    (B)  1:42.460           19
 2. Kovalainen    McLaren-Mercedes     (B)  1:42.636  +0.176   16
 3. Hamilton      McLaren-Mercedes     (B)  1:42.654  +0.194   18
 4. Button        Brawn GP-Mercedes    (B)  1:43.074  +0.614   19
 5. Vettel        Red Bull-Renault     (B)  1:43.088  +0.628   17
 6. Sutil         Force India-Mercedes (B)  1:43.209  +0.749   13
 7. Nakajima      Williams-Toyota      (B)  1:43.225  +0.765   25
 8. Webber        Red Bull-Renault     (B)  1:43.243  +0.783   19
 9. Alonso        Renault              (B)  1:43.345  +0.885   18
10. Raikkonen     Ferrari              (B)  1:43.384  +0.924   23
11. Buemi         Toro Rosso-Ferrari   (B)  1:43.389  +0.929   30
12. Kubica        BMW Sauber           (B)  1:43.419  +0.959   20
13. Alguersuari   Toro Rosso-Ferrari   (B)  1:43.637  +1.177   30
14. Rosberg       Williams-Toyota      (B)  1:43.746  +1.286   22
15. Heidfeld      BMW Sauber           (B)  1:44.040  +1.580   23
16. Fisichella    Force India-Mercedes (B)  1:44.126  +1.666   17
17. Grosjean      Renault              (B)  1:44.356  +1.896   23
18. Trulli        Toyota               (B)  1:44.638  +2.178   26
19. Glock         Toyota               (B)  1:44.732  +2.272   28
20. Badoer        Ferrari              (B)  1:45.840  +3.380   25
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