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Dancing With The Stars Season 9

August 20, 2009

So, it’s nearly that time of year again. The Dancing With The Stars cast for the new season was announced this week, which means in a few short weeks I will once again have an excuse for not doing the ironing on a Friday night.

For anyone who missed it, the Stars for this season are as follows:

Melissa Joan Hart – Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Kathy Ireland – Supermodel
Macy Gray – Singer
Mya – Singer
Kelly Osbourne – Daughter of Ozzy
Debi Mazar – Actress, Entourage
Natalie Coughlan – Olympic Swimmer
Joanna Krupa – Supermodel

Ashley Hamilton – Son of former contestant George, actor and comedian
Michael Irvin – NFL, ex Dallas Cowboys
Mark Dacascos – Actor
Donny Osmond – brother of former contestant Marie
Chuck Liddell – UFC Fighter and actor
Louie Vito – Snowboarder
Aaron Carter – brother of Nick, singer
Tom DeLay – former Republican Senator and House Leader

Overall, I have to say it is not a bad cast. There’s a good mix of backgrounds and ages, a couple you know will go further than they should, plus a couple who could be sleepers.

For the girls, I am pleased to see Melissa Joan Hart there. She’s stated several times that she’d love to do the show, and on the rare occasions I’ve seen her on TV as herself she has come over well. The two models, Kathi and Joanna, I am sceptical about. There have been model contestants before, and have not generally done too well. Kelly Osbourne for me is not a good choice. She may surprise me, but I don’t expect her to dance well, and I rather suspect she’s there in the hopes she has loses her temper a few times. Plus, they’ll probably get a visit from Ozzy for free.

Macy Gray is an odd one. She’s 6 feet tall, so in her heels is likely to be taller than whichever pro she gets. Other than that, I know nothing of her, beyond ‘I Try’. Debi Mazar is an actress, and although the partnerships are not supposed to be revealed til next week, it’s leaked that she is dancing with Maks. I therefore would like her to have some ability and make it to at least the second half of the season. If they could make Paso week, that would be great! Mya is early contender for favourite – she’s a singer, and she has also appeared in Chicago, this could easily go against her, though, if she appears to have too much experience.

The boys are quite a mixed bag. Tom DeLay smacks of stunt casting to me. Apparently he’s dancing with Cheryl, and I expect him to go in the first couple of weeks. I don’t think he’ll have the charisma of Cloris Leachman or Steve Wozniak to make people want him back for weeks on end. Louie Vito is completely unknown to me. I have no ideas about him, other than he’s young and not very tall. Aaron Carter is probably not going to be a favourite of mine, unless he comes over really, really well, which I don’t expect. I also have a feeling he may be lazy. Probably the male equivalent of Kelly Osbourne. Michael Irvin is the obligatory former NFL player. If he turns out like Warren Sapp, he should do well. I have never seen the guy in action, or being interviewed but if he can bring a similar sense of fun, it should iron out any dance issues. Donny Osmond – what needs to be said? Chances are, he’s going to be around just as long as Marie was, purely because he an Osmond. I saw him in ‘Chicago’ earlier this year and he was great in that, he’s dancing with Kym, who I love, but I don’t expect him to win.

For me, at this stage, the three guys to watch are going to be Ashley Hamilton, Mark Dacascos and Chuck Liddell. I was not expecting anything from Hamilton, and initially had him down as being another Osbourne, but he was interviewed by, and it made me laugh. If he can let that come through on the show, and is not another Adam Carolla, he may grow on me. Mark Dacascos looks like he could be in with a chance, he’s a martial artist, so should have some rhythm, and he’s easy on the eyes. I’ve never seen him in anything, though, so I hope he comes across well. Chuck Liddell is one of those slightly left-field choices who could just be fantastic. He’s a UFC fighter, and he appears to be happy to take his shirt off, which can help to cover a multitude of sins!

The full pairings are announced next week, and the show starts again on September 21st. I’m hoping and praying that Watch pick it up as normal. Also next week, we get the announcement for the new series of Strictly, which will start around the same time. I love Autumn!!

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